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Your purchase includes customization to add your author name and title, minor color and design adjustments, up to three different file types of up to three different front cover sizes and a PNG of the art without text for the creation of custom promotional material for your book.

I reserve the right to sell the image without any text as an art print, but you reserve exclusive rights to the image as a book cover.  

The default size is the Amazon KDP standard, 2,560 x 1600

The text-free art is provided at a larger size.

Full-jacket designs may be ordered at additional cost

Kiss of Ichor Premade Book Cover

  • After placing your order, submit a contact form here with your author name, book title (if you'd like to change it, you're also welcome to keep and use the existing title), and any other minor adjustments you'd like made to the design.

    If you want to order a full-jacket cover design, let me know and we will make arrangements via email to cover the additional cost.

    Please allow 2-3 days for me to get back to you with your customized design.

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