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A sigil is a design created to embody a specific intent for the purpose of manifestation. Whether you believe in magick or not, a sigil can be a beautiful way of representing an idea, concept, or a goal in visual form--whether it be for a tattoo, to hang on your wall as a reminder, or for use in your spiritual practices. 

To order a sigil, please fill out the Custom Sigil Order form. Select the type you'd like, and provide a description of your sigil's intent and any specific colors, imagery, or size dimensions you'd like used. If the design is for a tattoo, please provide the location on your body where you intend to get it so that I can design it to fit that area. 

Sigil commissions can take anywhere from two days to a week to complete. You can ask for updates at any time by e-mailing or using my contact form.

When your sigil is complete, you will receive a high resolution digital file in both JPEG and PSD forms via the e-mail you provided.

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